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Sampling Techniques

You can draw your fluid sample using a conventional vacuum pump, or a Toromont technician can install a sampling test port to any one of your machine's fluid compartments.

Sampling method with oil valve probe

Using oil valve probe 

This sampling method requires a Brass Probe (8T9208) and approximately 15 cm (6 in) of tubing. If you are sampling several compartments, begin with the cleaner systems-usually the hydraulic system, then the transmission or steering system, and finally the engine system.
Oil sampling guide

Using vacuum extraction 

This sample method requires a Vacuum Pump (1U5718 or equivalent). Use this method for pressurized systems not equipped with sampling valves. Again, it is important to use a new piece of tubing after sampling engine oil because soot and oil additives may remain in the tubing and contaminate other samples.
Fuel sampling guide 

Sampling method with vacuum extraction





Options 1 & 2 do not require you to complete the Fluid Sample Information form and provide the fastest turnaround time.

Option 1

Cat Inspect 4.0 mobile app

Cat Inspect mobile app

DETAILS A. Scan the Cat equipment barcode or manually input the serial number;
B. Complete the customer & asset info;
C. Tap on Compartment to associate the sample to the specific compartment;
D. Scan the bottle barcode. Add additional compartments as needed;
E. Tap the back button then the SUBMIT button;
F. Return sample(s) to the Lab. See Shipping Instructions for more details.


Option 2

S·O·SSM  Services Web

SOS Services Web

DETAILS Pre-register online at SOSSM Services Web, and return sample(s) to the Lab. See Shipping Instructions for more details or watch video.


Option 3

Fluid Sample Information form

Fluid sample information form

DETAILS A. Complete all of the required fields;
B. Detach and retain the Customer portion, in the event you need to reference the sample info later;
C. Insert the Lab portion along with the sample into the mailbag provided;
D. Return sample(s) to the Lab. See Shipping Instructions for more details.





Sample Return Methods


Drop Off at Toromont Cat branch


For the fastest turnaround, please drop your samples at any one of our branch locations and Toromont will expedite them to our lab for you. View branch locations »

Shipping with Canada Post


Print off your pre-paid shipping label(s) to send your samples from anywhere in Canada. See Shipping Instructions for more details.

Print shipping labels via Toromont Hub


Login to your account to print Sample return labels off in Toromont Hub.




Additional Tests

In addition to our three main analysis programs, you can use a basic oil analysis bottle and request some additional tests, such as:

  • ICP - Wear metal analysis
  • Infrared - Oil condition
  • Viscosity - 40°
  • Viscosity - 100°
  • ISO 4406 - Particle count
  • Water - Hotplate
  • Water - Karl Fischer
  • Glycol contamination
  • Fuel dilution
  • PQI - Ferrous particle
  • Acide number
  • Base number
  • Bio oil conversion validation




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