Diesel Fuel Analysis Program

Did you know that fuel affects performance and longevity?

The life of your engine could be cut in half due to contaminated or poor quality fuel. Specific analyses are used to assess the condition of the fuel and determine its impact on the engine and its performance. Our diesel fuel program includes metal analysis, which measures sulfur, the rate of which is regulated by the government.

Diesel Fuel Testing

Diesel fuel analysis is an assessment of the general condition of the fuel. Poor fuel can cause poor combustion, premature fouling, corrosion, and problems with injectors. Our Fluid Lab has the ability to check for fungus and bacteria that can cause fuel filter plugging. If you think oil or coolant are entering your fuel, our investment in the proper equipment can detect these contaminants.

Fuel analysis






Increase machine lifespan

Increase machine lifespan and resale value

Reduce operating costs

Reduce operating costs

Monitor fuel quality

Monitor fuel quality and microbial growth to avoid contamination and leaks  




Fuel analysis program 

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