Coolant Analysis Program

Minimize your operating costs.

Cooling system problems contribute to more that 50% of all engine related failures. Diesel engines produce a tremendous amount of power and heat that must be dissipated to keep your engine running properly.

Coolant testing

Coolant testing and analysis can determine whether the fluid has the appropriate chemical balance required for maximum performance and efficiency. We offer both Basic and Comprehensive levels of coolant analysis. 

Coolant condition is crucial

Poor cooling system maintenance can reduce engine and component life and lead to serious failures and downtime. Keep your cooling system, and the components they protect healthy with the Toromont Coolant Analysis program.

Coolant analysis for maximum performance and efficiency





Prevent cooling system problems

Prevent cooling system plugging, leaks and repairs

Avoid downtime

Avoid equipment downtime and engine overheating

Prevent scaling

Test for impurities and buildups causing scaling  




Coolant analysis program 

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