Hoses & Hydraulics


When it comes to hydraulics, you want the safest and most reliable components on your machines. Caterpillar manufactures our own line of hydraulic hose and couplings for your replacement hydraulic hose assemblies. Cat hydraulic components have half a century of expertise since Caterpillar began designing and manufacturing hose products in the 1960s. Since then, our hydraulic hose and couplings have earned and maintained a global reputation for superior performance and reliability.

Cat hydraulic hoses have a rugged design for endurance in tough applications. Cat hose assembly products and tooling have a unique system approach where they are designed to work together as a coordinated system. The Cat hydraulic hose is durable and flexible and the complete offering includes high, medium, and low pressure. Every hose is engineered to surpass industry standards


Caterpillar offers Cat XT ToughGuard Hose when extreme abrasion resistance is needed. These hoses have an exclusive Caterpillar designed polyethylene cover that surpassed two million abrasion test cycles without failure. Cat XT ToughGuard Hoses are also highly resistant to chemicals and weathering and they eliminate the need for nylon, plastic, and other forms of hose protection in most applications which can significantly reduce material and labor costs.

Cat hydraulic hose assembly solutions are built to same-as-new specifications for Cat equipment. This means every hose assembly perfectly matches the factory-installed version it is replacing.

Making the safest hose:

Safety is key and Caterpillar is constantly developing and refining advanced technologies in order to assure the highest level of safety! Cat hydraulic hose and couplings are subjected to the most rigorous testing process in the hose and coupling manufacturing industry. Every Cat hose and coupling combination is tested as a system – not as separate components – to ensure a perfect fit that yields maximum safety and dependability. Close attention to routing and pressure requirements are two key elements that differentiate our ability to provide the highest levels of safety and reliability with our hydraulic systems.

How to order a replacement Hose:

When you need a hose assembly, you need it now. That is why we are uniquely skilled to perform the assembly and installation. Trained technicians use the latest tooling, assembly information, routing standards, inspection techniques, and contamination control processes to get your machines up and running quickly and reliably. To build an exact replacement Cat hydraulic hose assembly all you need is the Cat part number and it’s right on the hose label. Order by phone and we will have a replacement hose waiting for you when you arrive. If the hose being replaced was built after 2013, a QR (quick response) code can be scanned with a mobile device to be routed to cathose.com where you can place an online order via parts.cat.com

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