Your one-stop shop for fast, high-quality service.

Where you source hydraulic repairs can have a big impact on your bottom line. While
most independent shops want only to sell you parts and labor, Toromont Cat has a
different goal: helping you control costs and maximize machine uptime.

Here are just a few reasons why you can trust us to provide the best value in pump and
motor service:
• Trained technicians
• Caterpillar® Parts Reuse Guidelines
• Comprehensive repair options
• Commitment to contamination control
• Performance testing

Toromont Cat Pump and Motor Service

Control costs.
Maximize uptime.

• Nobody knows Cat hydraulics like our trained technicians. They have the parts, tooling and expertise to diagnose and resolve problems quickly and accurately.

• Caterpillar provides us with comprehensive Parts Reuse Guidelines developed from decades of Cat Dealer repair data. Because we don't replace parts unnecessarily, you contain repair costs and realize the full value from your Cat equipment investment.


• We offer the industry's most comprehensive repair options. More choices means you won't pay for—or wait on—repairs you don't really need. Off-the-shelf Cat Reman Products, section kits and precision lapping are just a few of the options we offer to help you keep your costs and machine downtime to a minimum. We even offer Cat Classic™ pumps, an economical new-part alternative for older Cat equipment.

• Our disciplined contamination control procedures help keep your hydraulic system clean and operating at peak efficiency.

• Pumps and motors we service are performance-tested before they leave our shop to make sure they meet factory specifications.

More options save
you time and money

Gear-type Pumps and Motors

• Reseal
• Rebuild
• Section kit
• Cat Reman pump
• New pump/motor
• Cat Classic™  pump

Piston-type Pumps and Motors

• Reseal
• Rebuild
• Precision lapping
• Cat Reman barrels, port plates and
piston assemblies
• Cat Reman pump/motor
• New pump/motor

Vane-type Pumps and Motors

• Reseal
• Cat Reman cartridge
• Cat Reman pump/motor
• New cartridge
• New pump/motor


We offer you the right parts and service solutions when and where you need them. The Toromont Cat network of highly trained experts keeps your entire fleet up and running to maximize your equipment investment.

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