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Toromont Fluid Analysis Services


An ounce of prevention for a lifetime of performance.

We are committed to early detection of mechanical problems in order to prevent costly failures, extend the life of your equipment and prevent overheating and excessive wear of important machine components.



Protect your investment with our oil analysis program 


  • Wear rate analysis
  • Oil cleanliness analysis
  • Oil condition analysis
  • Detection of fuel, water and glycol
  • Viscosity
  • Additional tests (TAN, TBN)

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Minimize your operating costs with our coolant analysis program


  • Level 1: Basic coolant maintenance check
  • Elemental analysis
  • Level 2: Comprehensive cooling system analysis
  • Contaminants, water quality
  • Anion analysis of coolant additives

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Increase machine lifespan with our diesel analysis program


  • Spectroscopy
  • Particles count
  • Water by Karl Fisher
  • Bacteria
  • API gravity

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Get fast and accurate analysis results


Fluid analysis is the fastest, most accurate way to see what’s going on inside your engines and equipment. Toromont Fluid Analysis results are automatically and seamlessly integrated with your Toromont service records.

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Our process is designed to turn fluid analysis data into valuable information that is used  to manage equipment and schedule maintenance while minimizing operating costs and equipment downtime.

SOS fluid analysis



Fluid analysis expertise

Industry-leading expertise

Caterpillar science

Comprehensive services

Your equipment fluid can reveal a lot

Personalized results

Trust our Cat certified technicians to keep your machines running at peak efficiency.

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Whether you are using Cat or competitor fluids for your fleet, the Toromont Fluid Analysis team can handle all applications. We offer the largest in-house fluid sampling capabilities on the market, providing quality and speed. We strive to return all samples and interpretations within 24 hours.



What is your fluid telling you about your equipment?
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