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Toromont Remanufacturing is your one-stop-shop for all remanufacturing, repairing, and rebuilding needs.

From our Hydraulics and Transmission Centres, to our Engine and Power Train Centres, our highly skilled experts conduct thorough inspections and rigorous testing until your components are in like-new condition.

Reduce downtime. Increase profitability. Maximize your investment.

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Toromont Exchange Inventory

Toromont Remanufacturing offers custom rebuild and remanufacturing services for an extensive line of components ranging from fuel systems, powertrains, and complete engines. These products are competitively priced and lower life value. Toromont Remanufacturing's quality process requires that all cores be completely disassembled, thoroughly cleaned, and inspected for damage to ensure they meet or exceed our rigid reusability guidelines. All wear items are replaced with new parts. Once the remanufacturing process has been completed, all units are fully tested to ensure they meet industry standards and to provide the customer with unequaled performance.

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Reman hydraulic shop

Hydraulic Shop

Strict contamination control throughout Toromont Remanufacturing's facility, working to extend the life of each part and component.

Toromont metal spraying tehnologies

Metal Spray Tech

Think again before throwing away that old part.

Toromont Reman exchange program

Toromont Exchange Inventory

Industry leading warranty. View our inventory.

Toromont Cat Reman

About Toromont Remanufacturing

We provide reliable, certified ISO-9001 service to all Cat and other manufacturers' equipment.

Toromont fluid-power train

Fluid Power-Train

Benefit from the industry's best reusability guidelines.

Toromont Reman Engines

Reman Engines

Take full advantage of the extra lives built into Cat components.

Reman hydraulic shop

Core Acceptance Criteria

Download our core handbook for all your questions about returning core.

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