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Reliability - Whether you have industrial hydraulic cylinders or other manufacturers' mobile equipment, Toromont Remanufacturing can custom repair your cylinder. Using high capacity disassembly benches, our hydraulic specialists can economically rebuild all cylinder makes and models.

Convenience - With the promise of best parts availability, Toromont Remanufacturing's comprehensive inventory of replacement rod and tubing material (both metric and imperial) ensures that all damaged cylinders can be repaired quickly.

Rod Packs
Toromont Remanufacturing supplies rod packs with new or re-chrome rods. They are fully assembled with head, piston, nut and new seals, torqued to OEM specifications. We only use quality materials - rod material is induction hardened and has a minimum of 100,000psi yield strength. To ensure greater durability and strength the chrome depth is at a minimum of .001"

Complete Cylinders & Barrels
Using one of three high production benches, cylinders can be built quickly and efficiently. We only use Cold Drawn over Mandrel (CDOM) or Seamless 1026 tubing with a minimum yield strength of 75,000psi, providing maximum strength and durability for high pressure systems.

All cylinders are honed to precision finish and straightness using the 21 ft long by 16-inch diameter production hone. We pressure test all completed cylinders to full system pressure to guarantee leak proof performance. Toromont Remanufacturing also has extensive expertise servicing scored or damaged barrels.


Strict contamination control processes exist throughout Toromont Remanufacturing's facility, working to extend the life of each part and component.

 - Our GUARANTEE. Every unit is tested for full performance and factory set to eliminate installation set-ups:

  • Pumps and motors are fully tested for pressures and flow rates, including internal leakage.
  • Port plates, swash plates, barrels and housings are lapped for precise finish and flatness.
  • Piston and barrel assemblies are measured with sophisticated digital micrometers for exact tolerances.
  • Valves and servos are cleaned in ultrasonic cleaning equipment to ensure all passages and orifices are completely free of contamination.

 - With our promise of best parts availability, Toromont Remanufacturing stocks over 40 pumps and motors in-house, fully tested and ready to install.


Specialized Equipment

In difficult work environments such as those in which or rebuilt components operate, "good enough" is never acceptable. That is why we use only the most advanced precision tools to help us rebuild our components.

Our in-house developed Reman Transmission Analyzer is a portable diagnostic tool, which allows data measured by sensors installed on Caterpillar components to be analyzed and recorded on a PC. Detailed information on sensor data is available, instantly pointing out potential problems with the component when signals measured deviate from specifications. Through the portable electronic format of the records our customers can quickly access the analysis data on their rebuilt components.

The Cleco Nutsetter and Electronic Torque Analyzer offers you the highest quality solutions for the many critical torque applications in Reman's everyday operations. The Cleco Tightening Manager System delivers unprecedented performance, productivity and accountability in the most critical assembly applications, offering speed and repeatability and eliminating the possibility of error.

Modern Technology
Toromont Remanufacturing's Metal Spray Technology revives worn surfaces to new dimensions for a fraction of the cost of a new. The Metco 6P Thermal Spray System eliminates all seal grooves, abrasive damage, or adhesive wear caused by contamination.

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