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Helping you maximize your equipment investment


Receive an industry-leading 3-year/5,000-hour warranty when you rebuild your engine core


All engines are dyno tested to meet original Caterpillar factory engine specifications and reuse guidelines core


Most engines can be rebuilt within 2-6 weeks*

*Turnaround time varies based on engine size, pans availability and condition of core. 3512 or C175 engines are a minimum 6 weeks.



In-house machining translates into faster turnaround with no outsourcing delays.

Reliability - Toromont Remanufacturing completely disassembles engines and long blocks in accordance with strict Cat standards. We use Cat parts, updated for all engineering improvements. Cat is the leader in establishing reusability guidelines that go above and beyond industry standards which will ensure a full service life. All components are measured against these strict guidelines and are backed by our industry leading warranty.

Extensive Testing & Cleaning - Prior to assembly, all engine components are rigorously tested. The complete engine is fully tested and adjusted using an 1800hp or 1000hp dynamometer to meet and exceed all Cat specifications. Each unit is cleaned in our state-of-the-art Kolene molten salt bath, removing all paint, carbon, oil and soil permitting a thorough inspection of bare castings. High pressure - high volume cabinet washers, ultrasonic cleaners, shot blast units and glass bead machines ensure all parts are thoroughly cleaned.



Rigorously tested for optimum performance.

 - Each cylinder head is fully disassembled, magnafluxed and pressure tested for cracks, erosion and other damage. We thoroughly inspect and test each part according to rigid manufacturing specifications. This ensures tight sealing, prevents stress warping, cracking and premature wear.

Performance - To assure the highest and most reliable quality, only genuine Cat parts are used. This means longer life, and unmatched performance from your components. All cylinder heads are vacuum tested after assembly to ensure optimum efficiency.

Convenience - With our promise of best parts availability, Toromont Remanufacturing stocks over 30 cylinder heads in-house, fully assembled, tested and ready to install.

Value - Our cylinder heads are competitively priced at 15-60% of the cost of new. Call for a quote.


We lead the industry in parts availability and warranty coverage. You can depend on us.

Reliability - Toromont Remanufacturing ensures that every unit is completely disassembled, inspected, tested for: leakage, correct flow, and cooling capability as per CAT specifications and cleaned using advanced techniques.

 - Our engine components are competitively priced at 15-60% of the cost of new. Call for a quote.

  • Water Pumps
  • Oil Pumps
  • Oil Coolers
  • Turbochargers
  • Alternators and Starters


Fully enclosed, temperature and particle controlled.

Reliability - All exchange, custom rebuild fuel systems, and components are tested and calibrated for your precise engine application using the most sophisticated equipment available. Every pump is completely disassembled and cleaned using state-of-the-art ultra-sonic cleaning technology. Nozzles are bench tested for direction and orifice flow pattern so that each nozzle delivers proper fuel flow, efficient burn and fuel economy. Units are tested for leak down, delivery and set point ensuring all specifications are met.

Convenience - With our promise of best parts availability, Toromont Remanufacturing stocks over 35 fuel pumps in house, fully tested and ready to install.

 - Take advantage of new-new quality, at substantial savings. When compared to prices of new equipment, Toromont Remanufacturing prices offer up to 50% savings.


Toromont Remanufacturing is dedicated to providing you with options to maximize your equipment's performance. Take full advantage of the extra lives built into CAT components.

Toromont Remanufacturing's skilled specialists service each block, inspect and magnaflux for cracks, main bore diameter, deck height, upper and lower bores, lifter bores and other critical dimensions that affect performance. We also ensure that each block is aligned bored using OEM specifications and resurfaced to ensure proper finish.

Counter bores are machined and steel inserts are installed when necessary to ensure sizing specifications are met. Lower bore sleeve inserts are installed and machined to OEM specifications when necessary to ensure proper liner seating.

The crankshaft goes through a process of grinding and polishing ensuring the proper size and surface finish is achieved. Size, run-out, taper and radii are all 100% inspected and controlled.

Each camshaft is inspected for straightness, polished and ground to obtain the proper size, taper and surface finish.

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