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Quebec: 1 833-LOUE-MOI

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Model Description
M316F Cat C4.4, 141 HP, 33973 to 38559 lb Request Pricing
M320F Cat C7.1, 169 HP, 41337 to 45525 lb Request Pricing
313 Cat C3.6, 108 HP, 30400 lb Request Pricing
320 Cat C4.4, 162HP, 50265 lb Request Pricing
323 Cat C7.1, 162 HP, 56200 lb Request Pricing
325 Cat C4.4, 172 HP, 49604 lb Request Pricing
326 Cat C7.1, 201 HP, 57100 lb Request Pricing
330 Cat® C7.1, 273 HP, 68100 lb Request Pricing
335F L Cat C7.1, 200 HP, 83820 lb Request Pricing
336 Cat C9.3B, 311 HP, 81900 lb Request Pricing
349F Cat C13, 417 HP, 107145 lb Request Pricing

Note: Rental fleet units may not be equipped as outlined. Please call the Heavy Rentals Hotline at 1-877-887-5335 (Ontario, Manitoba and Atlantic) or 1 833-LOUE-MOI (Quebec) to confirm the configuration. All units are delivered with one standard attachment. Additional attachments are available for most models. Please contact the Heavy Rentals Hotline for a customized quotation that will include any extra attachments.

The power to dig deeper

Toromont Cat is your dealer for all your excavator rental needs. Raise your productivity and bury the competition with our line of new and used excavators designed to simplify your work. When you rent Cat excavators, you can accomplish any application with ease and peace of mind. Our line of mid-sized and large excavators for rent are equipped with smart, integrated technology that does the job for you, helping you compete in today’s competitive market. Whether digging, grading, dumping or loading, our excavator rentals offer real-world benefits to help you grow and expand your business.

Rent excavators with top-rated functions

We make it simple. Designed with advanced features such as a durable undercarriage that absorbs stress and impact, a robust frame that provide extra stability on all kinds of terrain, a powerful engine that maximizes fuel efficiency, high bucket force for optimal digging power, a spacious cab with an ergonomic control layout, Grade Assist technology for fast and accurate performance, and load sensing hydraulics for enhanced control and digging capabilities, our new and used excavators for rent offer increased durability, operator comfort, traction, and stability, enabling you to reduce the potential for downtime. With the Toromont Cat excavator program, peak productivity and satisfaction are within your reach.

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