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Toromont Cat has a comprehensive selection of Caterpillar excavators that will undoubtedly meet all of your construction needs. We have the exact machine specifications available in Hamilton, ON to help you choose what will best meet your needs.

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If you’re looking to rent a new or used excavator to begin your next project, look no further than Toromont Cat’s fleet of excavators! In Hamilton, Ontario, the construction industry is flourishing because of a multitude of new projects in the port city. In October 2018, The Hamilton Spectator reported, “Hamilton is having its biggest construction year in history.” To start these construction projects, jobsites usually depend on excavators to break ground.

Excavators Explained

An excavator is used on many construction sites as it is an essential piece of heavy equipment required to dig for foundations, assist in forestry mulching and complete mining tasks. It is also known by other names, including mechanical shovel and backhoe. The excavators available for rental at Toromont Cat are well-known and recognized for their durability and reliability in the most challenging of terrains. Caterpillar excavators are also unmatched in their speed, lifting capacity, and fuel efficiency.

Choosing the Right Excavator to Rent in Hamilton, ON

When renting or buying an excavator for your construction project, make sure to carefully choose a machine that meets your required:

  • Power needs
  • Excavation depth
  • Reach length
  • Lifting capacity
  • Operating weight
  • Budget

The Caterpillar excavators carried by Toromont Cat have been specially developed with advanced technologies that help to increase jobsite productivity, improve equipment longevity and ensure jobsite safety. Whether your construction project is located in Hamilton, Ontario or elsewhere in Canada, Toromont Cat proudly serves seven Canadian provinces and one territory. If your jobsite requires an excavator, Toromont Cat is the nation’s trusted source for renting new or used excavators.

Excavator Rentals in Hamilton, Ontario

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Types of Excavators You Can Rent in Hamilton, ON

Since excavators are essential on many jobsites in a variety of industries, Toromont Cat carries different types of excavators specially suited to the needs of your construction project. There are many sizes of excavators available for rental from Toromont Cat to fit your needs and budget.

Rent Medium Excavator in Hamilton, Ontario
Mid-size Excavators

If your jobsite requires a larger machine to carry out your digging needs, consider renting or buying a mid-sized excavator. The mid-size excavators available from Toromont Cat weigh from 20 to 35 tons and have the capacity to help you complete larger projects but are still easy to transport to and from the jobsite.

Rent Large Excavator in Hamilton, Ontario
Large Excavators

The large Caterpillar excavators available from Toromont Cat for rent range in size from 36 to 49 tons. Their large size, along with their power and speed mean that these excavators are excellent for jobsites requiring heavy lifting. Our large excavators are also fuel-efficient and have a variety of Cat attachments, to help you tackle the challenging digging tasks on your jobsite.

We understand that renting an excavator can be challenging process, but the team at Toromont Cat can help make the process easier by providing you with excavator options that fit your jobsite needs and stay within your project’s budget.

Demolition Attachments

Toromont Cat is proud to offer Cat demolition attachments, specifically built to Caterpillar’s standards and specifications. Our Cat demolition attachments are specially designed to fit the weight and horsepower specifications of Caterpillar demolition excavators, which increases operator safety, improves balance and offers increased equipment protection.

At Toromont Cat, we offer demolition attachments for:

  • Concrete demolition
  • Steel demolition
  • Site clean-up
  • Sorting and material handling
  • On-site processing and recycling
  • Demolishing wood frame and light duty structures

Whatever you’re demolishing in Hamilton, ON, Toromont Cat carries the demolition attachments you need. We proudly carry a wide range of:

  • Buckets (for loaders and excavators)
  • Couplers (for loaders and excavators)
  • Multi-processors
  • Grapples
  • Hammers
  • Pulverizers
  • Material handling arms
  • Thumbs
  • Shears

Our powerful equipment and Cat demolition attachments will enable you to easily cut and pulverize concrete, lift and transport materials, minimize metal beams, pipes and cables, and clean up debris. The demolition attachments offered at Toromont Cat can help you to tackle next demolition project more effectively, so contact us today for a quote!

Renting Next Generation Excavators

In 2017, Caterpillar began unveiling their next generation of excavators, after their first major redesign after a quarter-century. The Cat design team listened to the needs of frontline workers and built hundreds of prototypes in an effort to build better excavators and update their machines with the newest available technological advances.

Engineers and designers focused on aligning excavator performance to job type, increasing operator productivity, incorporating technology and lowering costs. The new generation of Cat excavators offer a 45 per cent increase in efficiency and 15 to 25 per cent reduction in fuel consumption.

In an industry-pioneering move, Caterpillar also created a digital heart for their new generation of excavators. This digital heart is made up of an electronically-controlled pump, engine and hydraulic control valve. To keep their machines current and operators productive, Cat has equipped the next generation of excavators with Cat Connect Technology, which can improve operating efficiency up to 45 per cent. Since technology is always improving, Cat will offer annual software updates for their next generation excavators.

Other features that come standard with the next generation of excavators also include:

  • E-Fence: Allows the operator to set digital markers, preventing the machine from operating outside of the specified area, which in turn increases the safety of the jobsite and the surrounding structures
  • Cat Grade: Assists with grading by providing guidance regarding depth, distance and slope
  • Grade Assist: Allows operators to stay on the desired grade by automating various movements of the excavator (boom, stick, bucket).
  • Cat Payload: A scale has been incorporated to ensure that operators know the real-time weight of their payload, essentially preventing the under- and overloading of trucks
  • Operator identification: Using a digital passcode, smartphone app, or key fob, the excavator is immediately alerted to the identity of the operator and initiates the operator’s in-cab preferences, such as their favorite radio stations
  • Push to start operation, Bluetooth integrated radio, USB ports, larger cab windows, automatic climate control and a 20 cm touchscreen monitor.
Construction Needs in Hamilton, ON

According to Statistics Canada, the construction industry is considered a major Canadian industry that is a significant contributor to the country’s thriving economy. The construction industries in Canada – including engineering, repair, residential and others – have contributed more than $70 billion dollars to the economy.

The Hamilton Spectator noted that construction activities in Hamilton in the first nine months of 2018 had increased approximately 21% compared to the year before. With millions of dollars’ worth in infrastructure upgrades and residential and educational buildings being built, Hamilton, Ontario is hub of construction activity that will be relying upon heavy equipment for years to come.

If you’re starting a new construction project in Hamilton, Ontario, chances are you’ll need to start your project with an excavator that meets your digging needs. Caterpillar is a worldwide leader in heavy equipment and Toromont Cat has a comprehensive selection of Caterpillar excavators that will undoubtedly meet your construction needs and exceed your expectations! Contact us today to speak to a Toromont Cat representative about renting a new or used excavator for your next construction project!

Contact us today to speak to a Toromont Cat representative about renting a new or used excavator for your next construction project!

5 Facts About Hamilton, ON
  1. The city was named after George Hamilton, who was the son of a wealthy Scottish merchant (,_Ontario)
  2. The city is located on the western end of Lake Ontario and is home to approximately 540,000 residents (,_Ontario)
  3. The city is home to Canada’s largest iron and steel industry (
  4. The Canadian Football Hall of Fame and Museum can be found in City Hall Plaza (
  5. The first Tim Hortons opened in Hamilton in 1964 (




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