SMALL EXCAVATORS: A note-worthy asset for your job site

Building Tomorrow Podcast - Episode 2

Building Tomorrow Podcast

Highly versatile, easy to handle, and available with or without integrated technologies, small excavators offer many benefits that are attractive to buyers of new and used equipment, as well as to contractors who prefer rental options. Listen to our podcast to learn more about small excavators and how they can help you maximize your results.

In this episode:

  • 04:16 - When do we rent and when do we buy?
  • 05:41 - 317 with technology vs 320 without technology?
  • 06:24 - The advancements in the industry
  • 08:12 - Small excavator market today vs. 10 years ago
  • 09:40 - Financial Standpoint
  • 10:33 - Fuel Efficiency of the small excavator
  • 12:42 - Tool Control System
  • 15:07 - Used Equipment as your solution?
  • 17:19 - Advice to contractors
  • And much more!

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