INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY: How these can help you better manage your fleet

Building Tomorrow Podcast - Episode 4

Building Tomorrow Podcast

In this podcast, our specialists, Doug and Yves, talk about machine connectivity – a great way to reduce ownership and operating costs, increase uptime, and optimize fleet management (underutilization and overuse).

In this episode:

  • 01:20 - What benefits do customers get from getting connected?  
  • 06:55 - Managing fleets: how to keep an eye on everything?
  • 09:15 - Connectivity is growing, what tips do you need to know?
  • 11:34 - When is it useful to have fault codes and when is it not?
  • 13:12 - What are the costs of connecting machines?
  • 17:14 - What is the future of telematics

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