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Josée Laperrière
Marketing Specialist
Marketing, Pointe-Claire
Podcasting is an amazing way to create and share content! More and more people around the world are consuming it and Canada is no exception. While blog posts and videos are still very popular as content, podcasts are growing in popularity. As Toromont is growing digitally, we recently (as of May 27th, 2021) launched our new broadcast platform, Building Tomorrow!

Over the past few months, the marketing team has been working closely with our specialists on a series of 5 episodes that cover many topics that support the company's priorities. In order to create a constant, personalized and relevant contact with our clients, we have produced 4 episodes of approximately 20 minutes in length (available in French and English). We believe in the full potential of audio platforms and the podcast allows us to reach our clients on the job site, on the road or in the comfort of their home, at their convenience. Having collected over 600 views (clicks) since the launch 2 1/2 months ago.

Did you know that over 36% of Canadians aged 18 or older have a monthly subscription to listen to podcasts according to a study conducted by The Infinite Dial (according to the latest Edison Research report)? That's huge!

Check out our podcasts on Toromont Cat's platforms (On You Tube: and several podcast directories such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts as well as Stitcher.

Episode 1: The Right Ways to Improve Operations with Integrated Technologies

Toromont Cat product specialists Brian Davis and Patrice Blier discuss how integrated technologies allow "inexperienced" operators to get up to speed quickly, while enabling professional-level operators to perform better than ever before and take their operations to another level. They examine important tools such as Cat® Grade Technology, Cat® Payload Technology, E-Fence Technology, and Assisted Technologies; the benefits of each, the challenges, key tips, and customer needs.

Episode 2: Small Excavators: Preparing Your Fleet for a Better Future

Toromont Cat specialists Brian Davis and Danny Prenoveau discuss the benefits of small excavators and integrated technology, the evolution of the small dozers and mini-hydraulic excavators market over the past decade, the similarities with large excavators and additional features such as working in tight spaces, what you need to know about small excavators for small projects, when to rent or buy, which machine is right for you, and how to manage costs without compromising quality.

Episode 3: Finding the Right Balance in Paving (This episode is currently available in French only)

Toromont Cat paving specialist Ken Bellavance and technical communicator Jefferson Sicard discuss new technologies and equipment that help contractors perform paving and pavement preservation/maintenance, as well as recent innovations, inspections, maintenance, training, techniques and technologies.

Episode 4: Innovation and Technology: Preparing your fleet for a better future

Toromont Cat specialists Brian Davis and Dan Martin discuss the benefits of getting connected, how to reduce ownership and operating costs, increase uptime and better manage fleets (under- and over-utilization), how much machine idle time costs, when is it useful to have error codes and where is it not, the importance of data periodicity, and connectivity tips and trends.

Episode 5 Rebuild/recondition with specialists Luca Seca and Damien Godard - Broadcast on October 7th.

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