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Toromont Cat is the trusted dealership in Canada for authentic Caterpillar heavy equipment. We have a wide selection of Cat equipment that includes over 300 machines and 1,200 specialized product attachments for projects in a variety of industries such as construction, mining and forestry. With our extensive product line and first-class customer service, we aim to be your first choice when looking for new heavy equipment.

Caterpillar equipment is recognized and respected globally for its reliability and durability, and at Toromont Cat, we proudly maintain all of our new construction equipment to the highest standards so that it exceeds your expectations on the job site. Whether you’re looking for wheel loaders, excavators, dozers or articulated trucks, you can count on us to help you complete your projects with cost-effective and technologically advanced solutions.

When you choose to buy new heavy equipment with us, you will always be provided with quality machines and superior after-sales support.

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Small Dozers D2

The Cat® small dozers are designed to optimize speed, transportability, maneuverability, versatility and finish grading accuracy. These crawler dozers are ideal for residential construction performing such tasks as clearing and grading lots, sloping the sides of roads, back-filling, and final grade work for landscaping and driveway construction.

Small Dozers D2

The Cat® small dozers are designed to optimize speed, transportability, maneuverability, versatility and finish grading accuracy. These crawler dozers are ideal for residential construction performing such tasks as clearing and grading lots, sloping the sides of roads, back-filling, and final grade work for landscaping and driveway construction.
Units: USMetric

Air Conditioning System

Air Conditioning The air conditioning system on this machine contains the ?uorinated greenhouse gas refrigerant R134a (Global Warming Potential = 1430). The system contains 1.8 kg of refrigerant which has a CO2 equivalent of 2.574 metric tonnes.
Units: USMetric


FOPS ISO 3449:2005 Level II
ROPS ISO 3471:2008
Units: USMetric


BLADE: Digging Depth - LGP 23.2 in 589 mm
BLADE: Blade Cutting Edge Angle, Adjustable - LGP 52° to 58°
BLADE: Blade Lift Height - LGP 27.9 in 708 mm
BLADE: Blade Width - LGP 124 in 3149 mm
BLADE: Blade Width at Maximum Angle - LGP 113.1 in 2874 mm
Track Gauge - LGP 67.9 in 1725 mm
Ground Clearance - LGP 13 in 332 mm
BLADE: Blade Height - LGP 35.8 in 910 mm
Overall Length - With Blade - LGP 168.2 in 4272 mm
BLADE: Blade Capacity (SAE) - LGP 2.42 yd³ 1.85 m³
BLADE: Maximum Tilt - LGP 17.2 in 438 mm
BLADE: Maximum Angle (either side) - LGP 25°
Note Abrasion Undercarriage
Length of Basic Dozer (without blade) - LGP 129.5 in 3290 mm
Width of Dozer (standard shoes, no blade) - Standard 79.1 in 2010 mm
Dozer Height - LGP 108.9 in 2765 mm
Dozer Height - Standard 108.9 in 2765 mm
Width of Dozer (standard shoes, no blade) - LGP 92.9 in 2360 mm
Length of Basic Dozer (without blade) - Standard 129.5 in 3290 mm
Units: USMetric


BLADE: Maximum Angle (either side) - Standard 25°
Ground Clearance - Standard 13 in 332 mm
Overall Length - With Blade - Standard 168.5 in 4281 mm
BLADE: Blade Cutting Edge Angle, Adjustable - Standard 52° to 58°
BLADE: Maximum Tilt - Standard 15.2 in 387 mm
Track Gauge - Standard 61 in 1550 mm
BLADE: Digging Depth - Standard 23.3 in 593 mm
BLADE: Blade Width - Standard 109.5 in 2782 mm
BLADE: Blade Lift Height - Standard 29.3 in 743 mm
BLADE: Blade Capacity (SAE) - Standard 2.59 yd³ 1.98 m³
BLADE: Blade Width at Maximum Angle - Standard 100.1 in 2542 mm
Note With Ripper Attachment (add to Length of Basic Dozer) - 1177 mm (46.3 in)
BLADE: Blade Height - Standard 39.8 in 1010 mm
Units: USMetric


Engine Model Cat® C3.6
Power - Net 92 HP 68.8 kW
Displacement 220 in³ 3.6 l
Net Power - 2,200 rpm - SAE J1349 92 HP 68.8 kW
Net Power - 2,200 rpm - ISO 9249/EEC 80/1269 92 HP 68.8 kW
Note (1) Net power is tested per ISO 9249:2007 and SAE J1349:2011 and as advertised is the power available at the ?ywheel when the engine is equipped with fan, air intake system, exhaust system and alternator.
Note (2) All non-road U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final, EU Stage V, Japan 2014 (Tier 4 Final) and Korea Tier 4 Final diesel engines are required to use only Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuels containing 15 ppm EPA/10 ppm EU (mg/kg) sulfur or less.
Units: USMetric


Power Train Hydrostatic
Units: USMetric

High Performance Winch

Maximum line pull – bare drum 40000 lb 18144 kg
Drum capacity – recommended cable 371 ft 113 m
Winch length 27.76 in 705 mm
Overall width 29.2 in 741 mm
Control Hydraulic
Maximum line speed – bare drum 131 ft/min 40 m/min
Maximum line speed – full drum 207 ft/min 63 m/min
Drum width 10.8 in 274 mm
Drum capacity – optional 256 ft 78 m
Throat clearance 6.75 in 171.5 mm
Weight 1345 lb 610 kg
Rope diameter – recommended 0.63 in 16 mm
Speed Variable
Maximum line pull – full drum 25000 lb 11340 kg
Drum diameter 10 in 254 mm
Rope diameter – optional 0.75 in 19 mm
Winch drive Hydrostatic
Units: USMetric

Hydraulic Controls

Pump Output 17.2 gal/min 65 l/min
Relief Valve Settings 2988 psi 20600 kPa
Units: USMetric

Retrieval Winch

Maximum Line Speed - Full Drum 79 ft/min 24 m/min
Maximum Line Speed - Bare Drum 50 ft/min 15 m/min
Weight 1747 lb 794 kg
Drum Capacity - Optional Cable 195 ft 59 m
Rope Diameter - Recommended 0.63 in 16 mm
Winch Drive Hydraulic
Rope Diameter - Optional 0.75 in 19 mm
Drum Capacity - Recommended Cable 277 ft 84 m
Maximum Line Pull - Full Drum 20350 lb 9231 kg
Speed Variable
Maximum Line Pull - Bare Drum 32150 lb 14583 kg
Control Hydraulic
Overall width 27.91 in 709 mm
Drum Width 9.65 in 245 mm
Drum Diameter 8 in 203.2 mm
Winch Length 35.63 in 905 mm
Throat Clearance 5.6 in 141.4 mm
Units: USMetric


Type Parallelogram
Number of Shanks 3
Height 6.5 in 165 mm
Weight 1222 lb 554 kg
Maximum Digging Depth 13.3 in 337.5 mm
Maximum Ground Clearance Under Tip 17.6 in 448 mm
Overall Width 67.3 in 1710 mm
Maximum Reach - Ground Line 30.2 in 766 mm
Units: USMetric

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank 51.5 gal (US) 195 l
Crankcase - With Filter 2.8 gal (US) 10.5 l
Final Drive - Each - LGP 2.6 gal (US) 10 l
Cooling System 5 gal (US) 19 l
Transmission - Hydraulic Tank 23.8 gal (US) 90 l
Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Tank 4.9 gal (US) 19 l
Units: USMetric

Service Refill Capacities

Final Drives - Each Side 2.6 gal (US) 10 l
Units: USMetric


Drive Pumps 1
Maximum Travel Speed - Forward 5.6 mile/h 9 km/h
Relief Valve Settings 7033 psi 48500 kPa
Maximum Travel Speed - Reverse 6.2 mile/h 10 km/h
Track Motors 2
Units: USMetric


Length - Track on Ground - LGP 89 in 2248 mm
Track Gauge 61 in 1550 mm
Number of Rollers - Each Side 7
Track Gauge - LGP 68 in 1725 mm
Ground Pressure - LGP 4.3 psi 29.7 kPa
Shoe Width - Standard 18 in 460 mm
Shoe Width - LGP 25 in 635 mm
Number of Shoes - Each Side - Sealed and Lubricated Track (SALT) Undercarriage 43
Units: USMetric


Number of Shoes - Each Side - Abrasion Undercarriage 38
Ground Pressure 5.7 psi 39.5 kPa
Length of Track on Ground 89 in 2248 mm
Units: USMetric


Operating Weight 18382 lb 8338 kg
Operating Weight 18382 lb 8338 kg
Operating Weight - LGP 19066 lb 8648 kg
Note (2) For machine with ripper, add 554 kg (1,222 lb).
Note (1) Specifications shown are for machine equipped with dozer blade, EROPS cab, back-up alarm, operator, coolant, lubricants and full fuel tank.
  • The sloped hood provides better visibility to the work in front of the blade as well as the overall job site. Better visibility can equal less operator fatigue and more confidence in your work.

Cat small dozers include a suite of Operator Assist, Grade, and Cat Command Features that work seamlessly to save time, effort, fuel, machine wear and overall cost.

  • Stable Blade Lift and Tilt automatically works behind the scenes to allow operators to create smooth surfaces with less effort using accelerometers on the blade and chassis with an advanced algorithm to make minor blade raise and lower movements.
  • Blade Load Monitor provides real-time feedback of current load vs. target load to fully utilize machine capacity benefiting operators of all skills levels. Automatically compensates for ground conditions. This feature is not available indoors or in areas where a GPS signal is not available.
  • Low Slip Traction Control prevents excessive track slip to improve machine efficiency and reduce burden on the operator. Feature offers two modes: Normal Mode helps when pushing heavy blade loads by limiting non-productive track slip, recommended for most applications. And Low Slip Mode limits track slip for applications sensitive to slip such as spreading material on top of a liner, select this mode when needed.
  • AutoCarry™ raises and lowers the blade to maximize pushing capability and prevent excessive track slip when pushing heavy loads. Feature is designed to work in unison with other Operator Assist Features. Not available indoors or in areas where a GPS signal is not available.
  • Scalable 2D and 3D Cat Grade is an optional feature that makes your job up to 39% faster with up to 82% fewer operator inputs and less rework by maintaining blade angles for better surface quality – even with less experienced operators.
  • Cat Command remote control is an optional feature that takes you off the machine and away from hazardous conditions, dust, noise or vibration or operating on unstable surfaces. Eliminates risk of injury from climbing on or off the machine. Integrated with dozer systems, Cat Command enables smooth, precise control with access to all machine functions and advanced features (if equipped) for maximum efficiency and productivity.
  • The D2 features the lowest fuel consumption in this size class with the same great performance you've come to expect. Up to 20% improvement and no performance sacri?ce when ECO mode is active.
  • The spacious and comfortable cab features an optional heated and ventilated seat, along with heated joystick controls to make the operator comfortable no matter what the conditions are outside. The seat height and armrests can be easily adjusted to the operator’s preference.
  • This new and improved optional 10 in (254 mm) touchscreen, color display is easy to use, with a great view of machine settings, rearview camera and Slope Indicate/Slope Assist screens. The large reversing camera gives the operator better visibility to the job site.
  • The D2 is available with either a Sealed and Lubricated Track (SALT) or Abrasion undercarriage to best suit your application. The undercarriage has a longer life resulting in less down time. A one piece mainframe/track roller frame design and the large, double reduction planetary final drive allow the machine to push heavy loads.
  • The Cat® C3.6 engine meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final, EU Stage V, Japan 2014, and Korea Tier 5 emission standards.
  • Cat diesel engines are required to use ULSD (ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel with 15 ppm of sulfur or less) or ULSD blended with the following lower-carbon intensity fuels up to: 20% biodiesel FAME (fatty acid methyl ester) * or 100% renewable diesel, HVO (hydrogenated vegetable oil) and GTL (gas-to-liquid) fuels. Refer to guidelines for successful application. Please consult your Cat dealer or “Caterpillar Machine Fluids Recommendations” (SEBU6250) for details.
  • Auto Engine Speed Control helps reduce unnecessary fuel burn and greenhouse gas emissions by allowing the engine to automatically go into idle mode when the machine is not working.
  • Cat® Grade with Slope Assist™ helps you avoid costly rework and wasteful fuel burn and greenhouse gas emissions by automating your blade position without a GPS signal.
  • Cat® Grade with 3D automates blade movements using a GPS signal helping you follow a grade design, reducing fuel burn and greenhouse gas emissions by improving efficiency and accuracy.
  • Extended maintenance intervals not only reduce downtime but decrease the amount of fluid and filters that are replaced over the life of the machine.
  • VisionLink® displays the CO2 emissions for monitored assets, calculated by fuel type for the Runtime Fuel Burned each day in a selected date range.
  • Remote Flash minimizes downtime and maintenance time while keeping your asset running with maximum efficiency. Alerts for machine updates are sent virtually from your Cat dealer and updates can be deployed without a dealer technician needing to be onsite.
  • Remote Troubleshoot decreases maintenance time and keeps your machine running with maximum efficiency by allowing your Cat dealer to virtually test the machine while working. Once a problem is identified, a technician can fix it the first time, saving time and money.
*Engines with no aftertreatment devices can use higher blends, up to 100% biodiesel.
Air cleaner with precleaner, automatic dust ejection and under hood intake
Alarm, backup
SALT undercarriage (43 section)
Hydraulic pump and oil
Low Slip Traction Control (included with ARO and Cat Grade 3D)
Rigid drawbar
Armrests, adjustable
Loading animation

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