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Toromont Cat is the trusted dealership in Canada for authentic Caterpillar heavy equipment. We have a wide selection of Cat equipment that includes over 300 machines and 1,200 specialized product attachments for projects in a variety of industries such as construction, mining and forestry. With our extensive product line and first-class customer service, we aim to be your first choice when looking for new heavy equipment.

Caterpillar equipment is recognized and respected globally for its reliability and durability, and at Toromont Cat, we proudly maintain all of our new construction equipment to the highest standards so that it exceeds your expectations on the job site. Whether you’re looking for wheel loaders, excavators, dozers or articulated trucks, you can count on us to help you complete your projects with cost-effective and technologically advanced solutions.

When you choose to buy new heavy equipment with us, you will always be provided with quality machines and superior after-sales support.

If you’re currently working on a project that requires new heavy equipment, call us today!

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Backhoe Loaders

Toromont Cat is Canada’s leading distributor of Caterpillar heavy equipment, including Cat® backhoe loaders. With more than 10 different models of Cat® backhoe loaders for sale throughout our locations in Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Nunavut, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick, you will find the towable backhoe to meet your needs at Toromont Cat. For a versatile backhoe that can power through the toughest terrain, buy a backhoe loader from Toromont Cat and experience the difference a Caterpillar makes!

Depend on a New Cat® Backhoe Loader for Your Digging Needs

Toromont Cat carries a wide range of backhoes, capable of handling tough construction, landscaping, excavation and material handling tasks. Our Cat® backhoes have a net power of 68-131 HP and can dig up to 17 ft without an E-Stick extender. Whatever your job requires, Toromont Cat has the durable digger you need to get more done in less time. Find your next Cat® backhoe loader at a Toromont Cat location near you!

Cat® Backhoe Loader Models 415 and 415 IL: The versatile Cat® 415 backhoe models come equipped with standard all-wheel drive and an improved LCD operator display. These Cat® backhoe loaders have a net power of 68-70 HP and can reach depths of 14-14.3 ft (without E-Stick).

Cat® Backhoe Loader Models 416: Our range of durable Cat® 416 backhoe models feature a spacious cab with larger windows, to maximize operator performance and comfort. These Cat® backhoe loaders have a net power of 86-87 HP and can reach depths of 14-14.3 ft (without E-Stick).

Cat® Backhoe Loader Models 420 and 420 XE: Our reimagined Cat® 420 backhoe loader models are equipped with a Ride Control System, to ensure a smooth ride on any terrain. These Cat® backhoes have a net power of 92-93 HP and can reach depths of 14-14.4 ft (without E-Stick).

Cat® Backhoe Loader Models 430: The slightly larger Cat® 430 backhoe loader models offer incredible performance while remaining efficient. These Cat® backhoe models have a net power of 107-108 HP and can reach depths of 15.1-15.4 ft (without E-Stick).

Cat® Backhoe Loader Model 440: The Cat® 440 backhoe loader model has an impressive noise-reduced ergonomic cab with seat-mounted controls, a large LCD display and a high-back air suspension seat – all in an effort to keep operators comfortable, productive and safe. This Cat® backhoe model has a net power of 104 HP and can reach a depth of up to 15.5 ft (without E-Stick).

Cat® Backhoe Loader Model 450: The Cat® 450 backhoe features an advanced load-sensing hydraulic system that allows the maximum lifting and digging forces of the backhoe loader to be used at any engine speed. This Cat® backhoe model has a net power of 131 HP and can reach a depth of up to 17 ft (without E-Stick).

Toromont Cat’s Caterpillar backhoe loaders are renowned for their performance, versatility and comfort. New Cat® backhoe loaders have an automated loader kickout system, to allow operators to focus on the position of the machine, rather than the bucket. In addition to operator-inspired features, our new Cat® backhoe loaders have 15% more boom lift capability and are 10%+ more fuel efficient. To get your job done right and under budget, buy a Cat® backhoe from Toromont Cat.

Before you buy a Cat® backhoe loader, consider the following:

  • Materials to be moved, demolished or lifted
  • Job site terrain
  • Project budget
  • Project timeline

For a durable and versatile backhoe loader to handle your project’s tasks, buy a Cat® backhoe from Toromont Cat. With 13 different Cat® backhoe loader attachments available – from augers to brooms, forks, snow plows and vibratory plate compactors – you can always get the job done right with a Cat® backhoe.

Purchase a New Cat® Backhoe From Toromont Cat Today!

Whether you have a small or large project coming up, a Cat® backhoe loader could make all the difference. Toromont Cat has over 10 different models of Cat® backhoes for sale that can fit your budget and meet all of your trenching, landscaping, back-filling, material handling, excavation, construction and demolition needs. If you’re ready for a do-it-all machine to help you get more done on your job site safely and lower operating costs, choose an industry-leading Cat® backhoe loader from Toromont Cat! Contact us today for a project quote.

Get More Done with a Cat® Backhoe Loader From Toromont Cat

Backhoe loaders are commonly found on many job sites, due to their smaller size and versatility to complete a wide range of applications. Whether you need a backhoe to dig a trench, move home construction materials, complete landscaping tasks or break asphalt, Toromont Cat has the new Cat® backhoe loader to get your tasks done.

Cat® backhoe loaders are commonly used to:

  • Lift and transport loose materials
  • Dig up hard, compacted materials
  • Smooth over soil
  • Dig holes
  • Perform small demolitions

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