How it Works

  • The Cat Card can be used to pay for parts, service and rentals at Caterpillar dealers in Canada.

  • You can revolve your unpaid balance by paying a minimum payment of 10% plus interest.

  • For a credit line greater than $75K, completed signed application and financial statements are needed.

  • Special VIP representatives are assigned to your account for special assistance.

  • Your account is unsecured; there is no need to pledge collateral to open up this line of credit.

  • You will receive a monthly statement with the detail on all of the previous cycles charges, a minimum of 10% is due 25 days after receipt of this statement. If the balance is paid in full, no interest (finance charge) charge is due.

Special 0% financing available on qualified rebuilds, work tools and major repairs. 


Contact Information

Call us: 1-877-373-9510
Credit approvals / requests: 
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