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The question is: what can't you do? The Cat Card is the smart way to get what you need to get the job done. Buy parts and pay for maintenance. Buy engines, work tools and accessories. Pay for a repair or a rebuild. Rent equipment. Do you need extended protection or a Customer Value Agreement? You can also charge the charges to your Cat card.

The Cat Card is accepted at all Cat dealers in the United States and Canada, and you can also use it to make purchases on

How it works

The Cat Card can be used to pay for parts, service and rentals at Caterpillar dealers in Canada.

You can revolve your unpaid balance by paying a minimum payment of 10% plus interest.

For a credit line greater than $75K, completed signed application and financial statements are needed.

Special VIP representatives are assigned to your account for special assistance.

Your account is unsecured; there is no need to pledge collateral to open up this line of credit.

You will receive a monthly statement with the detail on all of the previous cycles charges, a minimum of 10% is due 25 days after receipt of this statement. If the balance is paid in full, no interest (finance charge) charge is due.

Special 0% financing available on qualified rebuilds, work tools and major repairs.


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