The Cat Certified Power Train Rebuild program restores your machine’s power train so you’ll experience like-new performance. You will feel like you just got a new machine delivered - that’s how effectively we can ‘turn back the clock’ on your Power Train

980H powertrain

This service covers the radiator, engine, transmission, torque converter and final drives. Approximately 200 tests and inspections of the power train components are performed.

Replacement or reconditioning of approximately 3,000 parts - including power train electrical switches, sensors, sending units, electronic control modules, engine wiring harnesses, bearings, gaskets, seals and coolant hoses. Critical engineering improvements and updates are incorporated and extended power train coverage is available.

The Certified Power Train Program Includes:

Basic Engine:

  • Fuel, Oil and Water Pump
  • Turbocharger
  • Governor
  • Engine Control Module, Etc.


Hydraulic Controls

  • Drive Axles
  • Final Drives
  • Electronics

Electronic Controls and Sensors that function to direct
power to move the machine

  • Radiators and Coolers

The Process

The specific needs of your power train are determined through a comprehensive evaluation, which includes fluid analysis, careful visual inspections and a review of maintenance/S·O·SSM analysis service. Cat Certified Power Train Rebuilds include more than 200 tests and inspections.

Once we’ve figured out the best approach, your power train will be completely disassembled. All hoses, belts, seals, gaskets, bearings and wiring will be replaced with new parts. Remaining parts will be inspected and measured against our strict re-usability guidelines. Those that do not meet our high standards will either be replaced with new or Cat Reman parts, or reconditioned to meet guideline specifications. Cat Certified Power Train Rebuilds include automatic replacement of approximately 3,000 parts.

This phase of the process addresses equipment needs not typically included in an overhaul.

Engineering Updates
During reassembly, critical improvements that have been made to this machine model since original manufacturing will be incorporated into your power train.

Power Train Tests
The engine, fuel system, transmission, torque converter, differential, final drives and radiators are also disassembled, inspected, reconditioned and updated with new or qualified parts. Then, before re-installation, each component is thoroughly bench tested.

All critical torques, clearances and pressure settings will be maintained and recorded during careful reassembly of your power train by our professional technicians. Engine wire harnesses are always replaced.

Performance Testing
Quality control is integral to the Cat Power Train rebuild program. Therefore, rigorous testing is conducted at several stages. Tests routinely preformed are: turbocharger boost, throttle response, stall speed rpm, transmission and steering clutch response. Instrument and operational testing are also conducted to ensure field performance levels match those in the shop.

Your machine will perform like new - and look like new - after a complete paint job and application of new Cat Certified Power Train Rebuild decal.

Customer Evaluation
The rebuild process is not considered complete until your operators are satisfied with the performance of the machine or power train in its working environment.



The rebuild process extends beyond a piece of rebuilt equipment. The value of your equipment increases with warranties and coverage from Caterpillar—and the support of the largest dealer and part distribution network in the world.

Certified Rebuild New parts warranty on all replaced parts and your choice of extended power train coverage:




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