SystemOne is our longest-lasting undercarriage solution and is strongly recommended for high-abrasion applications and low- to moderate-impact conditions.



  • 50% life increase over Heavy Duty for elevated track machines, up to 6,000 hours system life
  • Rotating bushing design
  • No bushing maintenance
  • Relieved Tread Idlers help improve ride and link life for the life of the undercarriage
  • Reusable components aid in lower cost per hour
  • 4 year/6,000 hour UC Assurance

Designed for slower wear

The rotating bushing design of the SystemOne undercarriage greatly reduces wear between the bushing and the sprocket. The sprocket segments and center tread idlers can thus be re-used through at least two undercarriage lives. The new center tread idlers are narrower and have a larger diameter. They don’t touch the links, only the bushing, which eliminates link rail scalloping. The idler has a longer life because it touches a rotating bushing.

The larger diameter of the new carrier rollers means a longer life, therefore better timed intervals that fit with other components’ maintenance.

There are additional features and benefits related to a better resistance to wear:

Lower operating costs:

  • Savings between 35% and 70% compared to the original Cat undercarriage
  • Less maintenance thus less downtime
  • Extended components' lifespan More reliable

Reduced maintenance:

  • Balanced components' lifespan, regardless of use
  • Elimination of bushing turns
  • Sprockets and idlers last longer than two sets of chains
  • Improved joint integrity due to the new factory-sealed cartridge

Smoother ride:

  • Less vibration
  • Center tread idlers provide better guiding to the link assembly
  • The SystemOne undercarriage can now be adapted to D3 to D6 track-type tractors
  • SystemOne is actually the undercarriage found on D6R machines and is optional for D3 to D6N machines
  • This innovative undercarriage is also available for 953 and 963 track-type loaders
  • SystemOne was subjected to a rigorous on-site verification, logging over 160,000 hours on more than 160 machines for different applications and types of ground cover

General duty
Heavy duty
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