Our response to COVID-19

March 16, 2020

To Our Valued Customers:

Given the continuing COVID-19 Pandemic, we wanted to outline the measures we are taking to protect our employees, our communities and our partners, as we continue to support you and your organization with these enhanced protective measures in place. The steps we have taken centre on awareness, travel, limiting group interactions, social distancing and sanitation in order in proactively mitigate risk.

  • Firstly, a dedicated Critical Incident Executive Response Team (ERT) has been established to closely monitor developments and proactively seek to ensure we continue to support our customers while effectively managing risk. Our number one priority is to protect the health and well-being of our people, clients and community.
  • In recognition of our value of ‘safety first’, we have implemented travel and meeting restrictions for all employees. All non-essential and internal travel has been suspended as well as any business trips outside of Canada or, for certain employees, the United States in support of customers. All non- essential and internal meetings involving larger groups have also been cancelled, postponed or reconstituted as virtual meetings. The only form of permitted travel is in support of customer requirements and even then, under strict guidelines.
  • Potential “at risk” employees and others (assessed based on recent travel, interactions and symptoms) are not be permitted to attend any Toromont Cat or customer location until sufficient medical clearance has been provided, often after a period of self-isolation.
  • We continue to enhance the first line of defense through prevention by reinforcing and educating around the effectiveness of proper hand hygiene while also increasing hand-sanitizing stations within branches/operations.
  • Additionally, further sanitization measures are being taken with equipment, as well as across our facilities to ensure the safety of our operations and those of our customers and partners. To be clear, this includes employees working at customer locations.
  • We are working with our OEM’s to monitor our supply chain in order to mitigate any potential disruption to our customers and partners.

As an important partner to our business, we are advising you of the measures we have put in place thus far to ensure the safety of our people, our facilities and to ensure that our customers, suppliers and the public are not compromised.

We ask that you review the measures specified and help us to protect the safety of our collective workplaces. If you have any questions or points of concern, please reach out to any one of your Toromont Cat contacts, who can direct and coordinate the appropriate response.

We continue to monitor developments and react as appropriate in the best interest of all of our key stakeholders. Thank you in advance for your support and consideration at this time.

Scott Medhurst
President & CEO Toromont Cat

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