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Increase production, control costs, and improve operator performance with actionable information from the new VisionLink.

Full Fleet Management

Full Fleet Management

Our comprehensive telematics hardware lets you manage your entire fleet, regardless of brand, connectivity, asset type, all from a single location.

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Improved Maintenance + More Uptime

VisionLink monitors key asset health indicators, including:

  • Fluid samples
  • Inspection results
  • Fault codes

The result: better maintenance support and less unplanned downtime.

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Streamlined Service

VisionLink provides easy access to services provided by Toromont Cat, along with a streamlined way to order parts through

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Save on Fuel

VisionLink lets you monitor idle time, fuel burn, and emissions to reduce fuel costs, improve efficiency, and hit sustainability targets.

You’ll also get fuel alerts to help you manage inventories and usage rates in real time.

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Track Asset Location

VisionLink’s asset tracking features make sure your machines are where they need to be. 

Customize location check-ins with reporting options ranging from once a day to once a minute to real time site entry entry and exit alerts.






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The basic VisionLink plan gives you core telematics you need for increased efficiency, lower field costs, and less unplanned downtime.

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All the features of the VisionLink Connect, with more robust features like proactive asset tracking, enhanced fuel utilization monitoring, access to troubleshooting diagnostics, and more.

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More data at your fingertips, plus more frequent reporting, advanced mapping and analysis, along with precise payload, location and time details while developing cycle segmentation data for analysis.

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VisionLink PerformancePro includes the features of Connect, ConnectPro, and Performance plus even more comprehensive data, so you can answer important questions about your production and increase efficiency faster.


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Whether you need to integrate additional data or choose how often you receive it, VisionLink offers additional options to suit your business.

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Prepaid with hardware or with a one-time subscription fee

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Cellular: Hourly & 10 min. intervals Satellite: 4 Hour intervals

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For non-Cat machines

Coming Soon - VisionLink® Mobile App   The VisionLink® Mobile App lets you stay on top of your fleet anytime, anywhere, from the convenience of your mobile phone.



If you still have questions about the new VisionLink and what it can do for you, check out the most frequently asked questions for more details.

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