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In the Iron with Toromont Cat

EP 3: How To Manage Your Equipment

Date: April 12, 2016 | Category: Jobsite

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PodCast Overview:

In this third Toromont In The Iron Podcast, Dan Martin of the Equipment Management Solutions Group discusses all the different options you have to manage your fleet. He explains how you can keep ownership costs as low as possible and a way you can lock in preventative maintenance costs for the lifetime of your machine.

In this Podcast you will learn:

  • How to know exactly when it's time for preventative maintenance or even component replacement
  • The best way to maintain your equipment when you are working far away from your 'home base'
  • When to time your preventative maintenance for maximum uptime
  • How our new Cat Inspect APP will revolutionize your PM Inspections, Annual Inspections and daily safety inspections.

You will learn a lot about machine management in this Podcast including all the ways Toromont can help you run an efficient and cost-effective fleet.

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