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In the Iron with Toromont Cat

EP 10: Ground Engaging Tools Lifespan vs Productivity

Date: September 28, 2016 | Category: Jobsite

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PodCast Overview:

When you are buying new bucket teeth, do you usually buy what lasts the longest? Or whatever is the cheapest? Do you consider the impact on fuel burn worn or blunt teeth have on your costs?

Tom Howell our Ground Engaging Tools expert has worked with hundreds of customers in his long career in the industry and seen so many customers get the wrong tools for their application or tools that are making them lose money with every load.

You will hear:

  • What you sacrifice when focusing on lifespan
  • Tool productivity explained
  • How fuel savings can be affected

Hopefully, by the end of this podcast you won’t be buying tips simply based on how long they last anymore.

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