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Rene Allard

Parts Manager, AGCO Parts


The RM of Taché, a rural municipality southeast of Winnipeg, Manitoba, uses farm equipment daily year-round for various purposes. Considering the different types of soil, extensive mileage, and variety of tasks the equipment is subjected to, the municipality was looking for a reliable, highly productive, and versatile product that their operators would be comfortable in for extended periods. Attentive to the needs of its community and operators, who greatly appreciate Fendt tractors, the RM of Taché called upon us to meet its need for high-performance equipment.

AGCO Account Manager Kris Bezditny immediately met with the municipality to ensure their project and budget were well understood. It was important for the RM of Taché to show their taxpayers how the product exceeds expectations in terms of efficiency, performance, and fuel economy and how it is appreciated by operators, as they are the ones contributing to the product’s acquisition. The RM of Taché operators and farmers in the municipality tested out several models from different companies, but concluded that none rivalled Fendt tractors. Efficiency, productivity, comfort, fuel economy, and performance made it the ideal choice. In fact, after testing a Fendt tractor and a John Deere tractor, they saw a 30% difference in fuel economy.

Kris quickly knew the Fendt tractor was the best option because of its reliability and service. In addition, Fendt offers a three-year warranty and a comprehensive maintenance package, translating into savings for three years, a significant added value. The sale of the Fendt 718 went through and the RM of Taché was so satisfied that this story made the local news. You’ll be able to see and read this story very soon thanks to Red Barn Media, which invited Kris and the RM of Taché to share it.

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