Trade Transition Program for Truck Technicians

Rick Santos & Amanda Rossi

We are hiring Truck or Heavy experienced mechanics, with the goal of training them as Heavy Equipment Technicians through the Toromont Cat Trade Transition Program. At the end of their hands-on and online training, technicians will be able to earn their Red Seal to become Licenced Heavy Equipment Technicians which will open many doors to some exciting career opportunities.

Candidates are admitted as level 3 or level 4 apprentices, depending on their training and experience. Referrals for this program will be eligible for our Technician Referral Program, which offers a bonus of $4,000 to employees who refer a qualified level 3 or level 4 technician or apprentice.

If you know someone who may be interested, the process is simple:

  • To register for the Trade Transition Program, Heavy and Truck Mechanics with at least 3 to 5 years of working experience are invited to complete a form and provide a copy of their Red Seal in Heavy or Truck Mechanics if they have one.
  • If successful in the hiring process, Toromont Cat will assist them throughout their training and until they obtain their Heavy Equipment Technician certification.
  • The training sessions will be supervised by our certified technicians and trainers. Participants will be paid for the duration of their training, and after a total of 7,000 hours (or less, depending on their level of education and experience), they may be eligible for a certification in Heavy Equipment.
  • Once certified, these technicians will have numerous career opportunities within Toromont Cat from which to take their career as a Certified Cat Technician. They will have access to work positions all over eastern Canada, in the workshop, on the construction site, or on rotation, including the possibility of "Fly-in, fly-out" work in the mining industry.

We encourage you to spread the word to all your acquaintances and invite them to join our awesome team! For more information, keep an eye open, we’ll soon publish a new page about the program with an online application form on intranet and the website! See the page here

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