Team Safety Culture

Jennifer Patton

Rental Coordinator

Battlefield Equipment Rentals, Near North Region, Collingwood, ON

Working together with a company as large as Toromont to keep this amount of staff as safe as possible every day requires 100% commitment from everyone. When you work for a company as committed to safety as Toromont/ Battlefield it makes this process so much easier. Being apart of this team was important for me because I know the daily struggles of trying to balance getting the job done quick but also getting it done in a safe manner. As well as getting the point across without it feeling like nagging.

This starts with morning meetings: making sure everyone is engaged by making the meeting personable and not monotone. Let staff voice there concerns if any and take note.

Stress whether mental or work related plays a huge part of your daily safety, letting staff know that regular mental breaks are just as important as getting that job done safely. For me that means going on a walk during lunch. Or taking a snack break.

Asking staff if there is anything that is required to get the job done safely that is currently missing and actually get it done. There is nothing worse than an employee expressing there concern to be just blown off. Because next time that concern may not be voiced which could result in a serious accident. Than the mentality becomes well nothing was done last time so why worry about it now. When someone sees your passionate about keeping them safe, the mindset starts to change.

When I asked Zack (Collingwood Battlefield) what safety culture meant to him, I think he said it perfectly.

Everyone working together to reach the same goal, will also result in working to keep each other safe. 

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