We’re Into the Home Stretch! We Can Do It!

Maria Vomiero

Director, Human Resources

Corporate Head Office

As we close in on the end of 2021, I know we are all focused on executing our objectives to our fullest potential…because that’s what great teams do!  They come together, despite challenging circumstances, and strive to achieve the very best outcomes.

But teams can only succeed if each and every one of us delivers on our responsibilities…and hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards.  We perform many different roles…from sales of parts and equipment, to shipping inventory between our branches and to our customers, to servicing our customers equipment, to recruiting the very best talent for our team, to accounting for the millions of transactions we execute across our enterprise…and every job in between.  Each and every one of these roles is critical, and forms part of the essential services we supply to our customers and our communities.

As you approach the end of 2021, take a moment to pause and ask yourself:

  1. What is the value that I bring to the Toromont team? What is my unique contribution?
  2. How can I elevate my performance to ensure that my most critical objectives are met?
  3. How can use my capabilities to help my colleagues be successful as well?

 Great teams only succeed when each and every individual on the team is accountable, holding themselves to the highest standard, and aligned with the vision of the team.  We all have our strengths and our capabilities that we bring to our team –  be sure to play to your strengths!  And, remember to ask for reinforcement where needed – your colleagues may have strengths in a particular area that can help you be successful as well – that is the power of teamwork!  And this collaboration and commitment to one another is what has enabled us to navigate through a challenging pandemic – and what underscores and defines the Toromont culture. We are one team! We work together to succeed.

So, as we approach the ‘home stretch’ of 2021, (and hopefully we are approaching the final leg of this pandemic also),  let’s remember that we each have a critical role to play on the team, and by leveraging one another, our potential for success is further elevated!  When we succeed together, we all win! Personally and professionally! 

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