Management Training Program

Rick Santos

Recruitment Manager Human Ressources

Head Office

At Toromont, our Management Trainees (MT’s) are identified and hired into the program with the intent of becoming future leaders across our organization company.  To support this, each Trainee is assigned a Toromont Mentor and provided with experiences and development opportunities and feedback to effectively understand and navigate our business and culture.

Though MT’s will complete various tasks and have several responsibilities, the main goal of the Trainee is to gain knowledge and tools necessary to become a future leader.  This includes working within Toromont’s various departments and (when possible) across geographies to get a comprehensive view of our processes, systems, and customers.  Mission critical in the development our MT’s is their development of a strong network within Toromont; a strong network of key roles and relationships within Toromont will allow our MT’s to be more successful in their roles.

Aside from a post-secondary education and demonstrated experience, Toromont assesses other essential attributes for our Management Trainees including a passion for our business, industry and leadership; interpersonal, communication and problem-solving skills; business knowledge; learning agility and resilience; and the ability to impact the business and deliver results.  Being bi-lingual French/English is a real asset too.

Toromont continues to grow our Management Trainee program and regularly talks to individuals who may be interested in joining our team.  This includes recent post-secondary school graduates, current internal employees, and interested candidates already in the job market.  We also feel that an effective way to meet future Management Trainees is via networking through our employees.  If you know somebody that is (or could be) interested to learn more about Toromont’s management trainee program, please direct them to Julia Scheel ( or Pauline Lessard ( and we will gladly discuss our program, Toromont, and what the future could look like as a Management Trainee @ Toromont.

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