Jobsite Shutdown at the Petro Canada Lubricants Refinery 2021

Jordan Gallea

Shutdown/Turnaround Manager

Jobsite Industrial Rental Services, Burlington

Jobsite participated in another refinery shutdown at the Petro Canada Lubricants Center (Holly Frontier) in Mississauga this past September. Jobsite handed out and tracked various different tools, welders, radios, coveralls, consumables, and safety items for the 300-person event that lasted 4 weeks. Twelve different storekeepers worked day or night shifts, as the tool crib and other areas are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Jobsite storekeepers logged over 40,000 tool transactions to capture data for both missing tools and tool usage efficiencies.

Refinery shutdowns have become a large part of Jobsite’s overall business. Jobsite’s goal during these shutdowns is to provide value for our customers and take away their pain points. It is also a great success story of a joint venture between the Toromont family members working together (Jobsite and Battlefield). Jobsite supplied all consumables, small tools, and welders while Battlefield supplied over 50 tower lights and several compressors and booms.

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