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With the price of gasoline at the pump hovering around $1.50/L and a growing awareness of resource sustainability issues, the way we think about engines and energy production is changing. It is evident on our roads, which are travelled by more than 350,000 electric vehicles (more than half of which are in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec).

For several years, Caterpillar has been working on developing new technologies that are more efficient, less polluting and use renewable fuels or energy sources. We find several of these technologies already available: heavy-duty electric mining equipment, generators that can run on hydrogen or natural gas from composting, solar panels and Cat batteries. Some of these products have been available for several years, they are not yet well known, but it is likely that with the growing interest in green energy they will become more and more prominent.

 Other new greener products and solutions will be launched in the next few years, notably by Power Systems Toromont. In recent weeks, a series of webinars called Power21 on new energy production technologies was released by Caterpillar and provided a taste of tomorrow's energy production. We invite you to explore the content of Power21 and visit the new green energy page on the Toromont Cat Energy website to find out what the future of power generation will entail.

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