Get to Know Our Leaders: Interview with Naguib Bestavros

Vice President, Business Development & Strategy - Aftersales


Q: How long have you been with the Toromont family?

A: I have been with Toromont family for 10 years now.  I joined initially Hewitt Group on 15th of August 2011, and from that time, I have been part of the family


Q: What did you do before joining Toromont?

A: Before joining Toromont, I worked for 17 years since 1994 and till 2011 in Mantrac Group, Caterpillar dealer in 10 countries in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Russia. Always in Product Support. My last position in Mantrac was Group Product Support Director overseeing the Product Support Operations in 10 countries.


Q: What are your main responsibilities?

A:  Currently I am responsible for all Product Support Service Operations Support functions across Eastern Canada, namely: Warranty Operations, Technical Training, Technical Services, CVA Execution, SOS Lab, and the Truck Division. I am also responsible for implementation of new product support initiatives, and development of platforms and projects aligned with Caterpillar’s new product support vision, Toromont best interests, Analytics and Digital goals with a strong emphasis on integration of technology and databased solutions.


Q: Our 22+U project is well underway. When it comes to innovation and performance, what is your vision?

A: With much of the integration efforts behind us, my vision is to focus on the modernization of our go to market strategies and Product Support tools to drive efficiency and customer value. These end states require substantial new process design and new tools, some of which are enabled through Digital technologies and Analytics. The required technology solutions will be delivered through Technology Services, Digital Services, Marketing and Analytics, Product Support, as well as selected third parties.  So in a nutshell: Develop world-class consistent Product Support processes, procedures and tools to leverage our internal efficiency and offer higher customer value.


Q: How do you describe yourself?

A: I am a strong believer in the power of people.  I would defer this question to my team to answer.  It is not really about how I can describe myself, but more about how my team would describe me. Am I supporting them? Am I providing them some inspiring challenges? Do I genuinely care for their well-being? ...etc.


Q: What are your thoughts on Toromont’s digital transformation?

A: the world is changing, and we’ve seen what’s coming. New regulations, emerging technologies, pressures of the global economy, new competitors, and more already have a very real impact on our day-to-day lives and the lives of our customers. And many analyst firms like IDC and Gartner are predicting significant growth of connectivity in the coming years. IoT devices are no longer novel; they’re already becoming mainstream. Going digital is the only way we’ll win in our evolving industries. And it will take real investment and commitment to collectively expand our capabilities to get there. But if we are successful, the returns will be game-changing. We’ll solidify our position as an irreplaceable part of our customers’ businesses. And we’ll earn their trust, respect and loyalty for years to come. I am so excited of Toromont digital transformation journey.


Q: What has been your greatest challenge during the COVID pandemic?

A: Keep our people safe, secure and well while supporting our customers who work at the front line.  The greatest challenge was how to cope with a situation that so fluid and that is changing by the hour. I have to admit that I could not have done it without my amazing team.


Q: In what ways would you like to contribute to Toromont over the next few years?

A: Evolution is key. I would love to contribute by leveraging our process and tools to enhance Toromont day-to-day operations, reducing costs and driving revenue to our core businesses. Examples are: Reduce manual work and make the things you already do today—from parts sales to product support—more productive and efficient. Help fulfill CVAs more quickly and profitably. Enable more informed business choices for our senior leaders, whether re-evaluating sales leads, servicing equipment or developing marketing campaigns. Allow to integrate new and existing software tools, facilitating communication between them. Tear down the walls between teams, enabling knowledge-sharing that benefits the dealership.


Q: What has been your greatest accomplishment at Toromont?

A: That is a very tough question. Every step on the right way to execute our strategy is an accomplishment. Yet, if I have to choose one, then it will be “my team”. Past and existing Team.  Without them, I would not have accomplished anything. So I will tend to say, having the best team in the business is my best accomplishment.


Q: What do you like to do outside of work? Do you have any special hobbies or interests? What are you passionate about?

A: I love photography, kind of passionate about it. I am also an avid father of 2 young men, 24 and 19 years old, so a lot of interest in their evolution. Finally watching soccer and playing Tennis whenever the weather permits.


Q: What was your greatest accomplishment in 2020?

A: On the business front, concluded a full restructure of the corporate product support team serving all verticals with the partnership of Joel Couture and over a pandemic period. Once again, having the best team in place.


Q: What was your biggest challenge in 2020?

A: Similar to many other leaders, COVID-19 pandemic and how to keep our people safe, serve our customer, and protect our business.


Q: What person inspires you the most? Do you have a favorite quote?

A: This changes all the time, but recently I am so inspired by Simon Sinek. I have so many favorite quote, yet my 2 favorites are: “sometimes it is the very people that no one could imagine anything of will do the things that no one could imagine” and the other is in French: “Pas Capable” est mort! Son petit frère s’appelle “Essaye!”


Q: Do you have any advice for the young people who are starting their career at Toromont?

A: Be patient! Toromont is a very large organization with many opportunities, yet with opportunities, come challenges. Be patient, take it one step at time, and all of sudden things will get clearer to you.  Don’t judge by the first few months, just trust the organization and give it a chance.  Finally, information is power! Try to learn and grasp every day as much as you can do.  This will help you down the road.

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