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Hélène Denis

Brand Image Marketing Manager


You will notice that in this edition of Connections, we added a new section: now, you'll be able to see new posts from the Toromont Cat blog and podcast on the Connections (on the bottom right side of the homepage ) and Intranet home pages (at the bottom of the page). Why? 

  • Because it's full of interesting and relevant information about us, our products and services. 
  • Because it's what our customers see and maybe there are some things you would like to share with our customers, new topics to suggest.
  • Because we are proud of it and because you might want to share content with your colleagues, clients or friends on social networks.

The blog and the podcast are tools to reach out to our clients and keep them up to date on what's going on, what projects we have, what new products and technologies are coming up, what's going on in the industry. We also share practical tips, machine exploits, and anecdotes. The blog and podcast are not a sales tool, but rather a platform to promote our brand and share our passion for our people and products. We invite you to take a look or listen to an episode. That might give you ideas: a story to tell, a great formula to share, photos or a videos undistributed. Share them with us, you're in the midst of the action and we'd love to hear your voice as well.

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