The Excellence of Our Training Service Recognized by Caterpillar

René-Pierre Simard
Corporate Manager Technical Training
Product Support, Pointe-Claire

Toromont PlaqueToromont is proud to announce that once again, the training department as met the highest score of the Technician Career Development plan Assessment “ TCDP-A” for Caterpillar. This recognition is an attribute of the Service Excellence Classification contributing to the ranking of Toromont within Caterpillar dealers. The assessment is a tremendous project requiring multiple employees to invest thousands of hours during the last year. The 2021 accreditation was achieved thanks to Ontario’s technical training team and above all, to the commitment and relentlessness hard work of Amanda Rosi.

This success is the result of decades of technical training services, processes and deployment improvement. Only few dealers in the world attain this level. Toromont’s never ending belief and investment in our most valuable resource, the technicians and apprentices, has led us to be a leader in this space. Together, we’ll continue to grow and improve to stay on top of the market.  
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