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Toromont Cat is the trusted dealership in Canada for authentic Caterpillar heavy equipment. We have a wide selection of Cat equipment that includes over 300 machines and 1,200 specialized product attachments for projects in a variety of industries such as construction, mining and forestry. With our extensive product line and first-class customer service, we aim to be your first choice when looking for new heavy equipment.

Caterpillar equipment is recognized and respected globally for its reliability and durability, and at Toromont Cat, we proudly maintain all of our new construction equipment to the highest standards so that it exceeds your expectations on the job site. Whether you’re looking for wheel loaders, excavators, dozers or articulated trucks, you can count on us to help you complete your projects with cost-effective and technologically advanced solutions.

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Off-Highway Trucks 775G

Developed specifically for mining, quarry and construction applications, the Off-Highway Trucks keep material moving at high volume to lower cost-per ton.

Off-Highway Trucks 775G

Developed specifically for mining, quarry and construction applications, the Off-Highway Trucks keep material moving at high volume to lower cost-per ton.
Units: USMetric

Body Hoists

Pump Flow - High Idle 118 gal/min 448 l/min
Relief Valve Setting - Raise 2502 psi 17250 kPa
Relief Valve Setting - Lower 500 psi 3450 kPa
Body Raise Time - High Idle 10 s 10 s
Body Lower Time - Float 14 s 14 s
Body Power Down - High Idle 14 s 14 s
Units: USMetric


Brake Surface - Front 257 in² 655 cm²
Brake Surface - Rear 9497 in² 61269 cm²
Brake Standards ISO 3450:2011
Units: USMetric

Capacity - Dual Slope - 100% Fill Factor

Struck 42.7 yd³ 32.6 m³
Note (1) Contact your local Cat dealer for body recommendation.
Heaped (SAE 2:1)* 55.5 yd³ 42.2 m³
Note (2) *ISO 6483:1980
Units: USMetric

Capacity - Flat Floor - 100% Fill Factor

Struck 42.2 yd³ 32.3 m³
Note (1) Contact your local Cat dealer for body recommendation.
Heaped (SAE 2:1)* 55.2 yd³ 42.2 m³
Note (2) *ISO 6483:1980
Units: USMetric


Engine Model Cat® C27
Rated Engine Speed 1800 r/min 1800 r/min
Gross Power - SAE J1995 825 HP 615 kW
Net Power - SAE J1349 768 HP 572 kW
Net Power - 80/1269/EEC 775 HP 578 kW
Net Power - ISO 9249 775 HP 578 kW
Bore 5.4 in 137 mm
Stroke 6 in 152 mm
Displacement 1648 in³ 27 l
Engine Power - ISO 14396 812 HP 605.2 kW
Net Torque 3148 ft-lb 4269 N·m
Emissions Meets EU Stage V emission standards.
Note (2) Ratings based on SAE J1995 standard air conditions of 25° C (77° F) and 100 kPa (29.61 Hg) barometer. Power based on fuel having API gravity of 35 at 16° C (60° F) and an LHV of 42 780 kJ/kg (18,390 BTU/lb) when engine used at 30° C (86° F).
Peak Torque - Speed 1200 r/min 1200 r/min
Note (3) No engine derating required up to 3810 m (12,500 ft) for Tier 2 Equivalent.
Note (1) Power rating applies at 2,000 rpm when tested under the specified condition for the specified standard.
Units: USMetric

Final Drives

Differential Ratio 3.64:1
Planetary Ratio 4.80:1
Total Reduction Ratio 17.49:1
Units: USMetric

Operating Specifications

Nominal Payload Class (100%) 70.5 ton (US) 64 t
Top Speed - Loaded 41.6 mile/h 66.9 km/h
Note (1) Capacity with Dual Slope body – no liner.
Maximum Allowable Payload (120%)* 84.6 ton (US) 76.7 t
Body Capacity - SAE 2:1 55.23 yd³ 42.23 m³
Maximum Working Payload (110%) 77.5 ton (US) 70.3 t
Target Payload (100%) 70.5 ton (US) 64 t
Note (2) * Refer to the Caterpillar 10/10/20 Payload Policy for maximum gross machine weight limitations.
Units: USMetric


ROPS Standards Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) for cab offered by Caterpillar meets ISO 3471:2008 ROPS criteria.
FOPS Standards Falling Objects Protective Structure (FOPS) meets ISO 3449:2005 Level II FOPS criteria.
Units: USMetric

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank 210 gal (US) 795 l
Cooling System 45 gal (US) 171 l
Differential - Final Drives 38 gal (US) 145 l
Steering Tank 9.5 gal (US) 36 l
Steering System - Including Tank 14 gal (US) 54 l
Torque Converter - Transmission System - HRC 18 gal (US) 70 l
Brake Hoist System 85 gal (US) 322 l
Crankcase 24 gal (US) 90 l
Torque Converter - Transmission System - LRC 16 gal (US) 61 l
Brake/Hoist Hydraulic Tank 46.5 gal (US) 176 l
Units: USMetric


Sound Standards (2) The exterior sound pressure level for the standard machine measured at a distance of 15 m (49 ft) according to the test procedures specified in SAE J88:2008, mid-gear moving operation is 86 dB(A).
Sound Standards (1) The operator Equivalent Sound Pressure Level (Leq) is 76 dB(A) when SAE J1166 FEB2008 is used to measure the value for an enclosed cab. This is a work cycle sound exposure level. The cab was properly installed and maintained. The test was conducted with the cab doors and the cab windows closed.
Sound Standards (3) Hearing protection may be needed when operating with an open operator station and cab (when not properly maintained or doors/windows open) for extended periods or in a noisy environment.
Units: USMetric


Turning Diameter - Front 77.1 ft 23.5 m
Steering Standards ISO 5010:2007
Steer Angle 31 ° 31 °
Turning Circle - Clearance Diameter 85.6 ft 26.1 m
Units: USMetric


Empty Loaded Cylinder Stroke Rear 5.8 in 149 mm
Empty Loaded Cylinder Stroke Front 9.2 in 234 mm
Rear axle - Oscillation 8.1°
Units: USMetric


Recyclability 98%
Units: USMetric


Note (1) Productive capabilities of the 775G truck are such that, under certain job conditions, TKPH (TMPH) capabilities of standard or optional tires could be exceeded and, therefore, limit production.
Note (2) Caterpillar recommends the customer evaluate all job conditions and consult the tire manufacturer for proper tire selection.
Standard Tire 24.00R35 (E4)
Units: USMetric


Forward - 1 6.6 mile/h 10.6 km/h
Forward - 2 9.3 mile/h 15 km/h
Forward - 3 12.6 mile/h 20.3 km/h
Forward - 4 16.8 mile/h 27 km/h
Forward - 5 22.8 mile/h 36.7 km/h
Forward - 6 30.7 mile/h 49.4 km/h
Forward - 7 41.6 mile/h 66.9 km/h
Reverse 8.7 mile/h 14 km/h
Note Maximum travel speeds with standard 24.00R35 (E4) tires.
Units: USMetric

Weight Distributions - Approximate

Front Axle - Empty 50 % 50 %
Front Axle - Loaded 34 % 34 %
Rear Axle - Empty 50 % 50 %
Rear Axle - Loaded 66 % 66 %
Units: USMetric

Weights - Approximate

Maximum Gross Vehicle Weight 246503 lb 111812 kg
Standard and optional equipment may vary. Consult your Cat dealer for details.
Cat C27 Tier 4/Stage V compliant diesel engine:
– Air cleaner with precleaner (2)
– Air-To-Air Aftercooler (ATAAC)
– Electric start
– Engine idle shutdown
– Ether starting aid
– Exhaust muffler
– NGMR radiator
Suspension, front and rear
Alarm backup
Economy Modes, standard and adaptive
Advisor display:
– Air cleaner service indicator
– Fluid level monitoring
– Fuel level monitoring
– Display languages (market based)
Body down indicator
Loading animation

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