Submersible Pumps

Offering a full line of submersible pumps including Slimline, Widebase and Solids-Handling models.

Submersibles are available in 2" to 12" sizes with capacities to 7,000 gpm and heads to 600'. Gorman-Rupp submersible pumps offer superior hydraulic design and deliver greater flow with less horsepower, reducing operating costs.

Maximum Versatility

Staged Operation:

The discharge of one pump can be connected to the suction of another for tandem operation – this effectively doubles the head at a given flow.


Control panel with on/off switch and overload protection is standard. A flip of the switch puts the pump to work instantly.

Standard Parts:

All parts are standard so no need to wait for special components to arrive. And all you need to service your pump are standard hand tools. Plus, you can remove suction heads and impellers without disassembling the pump completely for even easier service.

Gorman-Rupp Submersible Pumps

Durable Design

Top Discharge:

The motor stays cool and doesn't overheat because fluid flows between the inner and outer walls of the housing.

Oil-Filled Motor

A cavity filled with oil transfers heat AWAY from the motor.

Impeller Design:

Fully shrouded to reduce seal pressure and prevent foreign material from entering the cavity – extending seal and operational pump life.

Dual Seals:

Second 'fail safe' seal gives extra protection against motor damage. Pump can run dry without seal damage.

Best Materials for Long Life


Abrasion-resistant ductile iron and manganese bronze stand up to tough conditions.

Stainless Steel Shaft & Hardware:

Avoid corrosion and pitting.

High-Abrasion/Corrosive Options:

When you need extra protection, G-R Hard Iron and Stainless Steel wet end components are available.

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How To Choose The Perfect Pump For Your Site… Every Time

This handy, easy to use guide lets you 'plug in' your own site conditions and pumping requirements so you can select the best pump for your application, physical conditions and goals. Download it for free by entering your primary email address and name in the form.

Gorman Rupp Pump Guide Cover

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