Toromont offers a wide variety of equipment to suit almost every material handling application or environment. There are some basic questions to ask yourself before purchasing a lift truck.

1. How heavy are the loads you will be lifting?

2. How high do you need to lift a load?

3. Will you require any special attachments?

    - Side-shift
    - Fork positioner
    - Roll clamp
    - Carton clamp
    - Special forks

4. Do you have any minimum clearances to be concerned with?

    - Doorways
    - Aisles
    - Loading docks
    - Ventilation systems

5. What conditions will this machine be operating in?

    - Inside
    - Outside
    - Near food
    - Fire hazards
    - Explosive environment

6. Is air quality in your application a concern?

    - Propane
    - Diesel
    - Gasoline
    - Electric

7. Will ergonomics be a concern? Again, some items to consider:

    - Stand-up
    - Sit down
    - Walk behind
    - Ride on

8. How long do you expect to keep my lift truck?

    - New
    - Used
    - Rent
    - Lease

9. Maintenance?

    - Will you be performing your own maintenance
    - Will the dealer be performing the maintenance

10. What is the dealerships reputation for providing after sale service?

Choosing which machine is best suited to your application is vital to your after purchase satisfaction. Contact one of our trained sales professionals to assist you in determining the correct machine for your specific application today.

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