Build roads FASTER

Dig ditches DEEPER

Tackle TOUGH forest terrain

Get the right machine for your logging operation with Cat's complete line of excavators.


13-65 hp

Mini – 13-65 hp
An extensive line of Cat Mini Excavators offers the performance and versatility to dig in and be productive on every job.

70-113 hp

Small – 70-113 hp
Small Cat excavators deliver fuel savings and performance - two attributes you need to be successful in your forestry business.

138-200 hp

Medium - 138-200 hp
Move tons of material all day long with tremendous speed and precision while keeping your owning and operating costs low.

268-524 hp

Large - 268-524 hp
Experience excellent performance, and high versatility keeping your production numbers up all day, every day.

Ultra High Demolition Excavators
190-530 hp

Ultra High Demolition Excavators - 190-530 hp
Extreme versatility enables these machines to work in a wide range of applications, like truck loading and long reach digging.

Long Reach Excavation
190-530 hp

Long Reach Excavation - 190-530 hp
Designed specifically for jobs requiring longer reach than standard excavators and combined with digging capabilities to cover more ground.

Material Handlers
190-530 hp

Material Handlers - 190-530 hp
Excellent control and impressive lift capacity allows you to maneuver logging materials through your jobsite with ease and precision.



  • Powerful, reliable, and emission friendly Cat Engine, keeping your owning and operating costs at an absolute minimum
  • Automatic engine idle saves you fuel while your machine isn’t in use, increasing your engine life and minimizing emissions
  • Our experts can help you find the engine option that best supports the power and performance required by your forestry operation


  • Engineered based on real-world customer experience for the toughest operating conditions
  • Terrain-tested durability that is proven to absorb stresses and provide excellent stability while maneuvering through harsh forest terrain
  • Undercarriage Assurance Programs provide you with the lowest cost-per-hour undercarriage systems
  • Undercarriage and axle design provides maximum strength, flexibility and mobility for the most demanding logging environments



  • Effectively manage your equipment fleets and enhance your jobsite operation
  • Monitor the health of your machine and pinpoint issues before they are problems
  • Maximize the performance of your equipment with access to hours, fuel consumption, idle time, and machine location to reduce costly downtime
  • Improve safety in the workplace so that your operators feel confident on the job


24/7 Support

  • Our certified field technicians are available on-site 24/7
  • Fast, accurate troubleshooting and repair – getting you back to work ASAP
  • Oil diagnostics are sent from lab technicians directly to you, ensuring your equipment is protected
  • Our worldwide dealer parts network will help you find parts fast to minimize machine downtime


24/7 Excavator Support


Experience an excavator that can tackle all of your job’s demands.

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