Reach Your Destination... with the Toromont CAT Scholarship!

The Toromont CAT "Reach Your Destination" Scholarship Program was created in 2003, with the goal of inspiring students to achieve a post-secondary education and choose a rewarding, challenging and exciting career in the skilled trades.

This program targets students who live in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), and are entering the Motive Power Techniques/Heavy Equipment Program at Sir Sandford Fleming College and Centennial College. The Scholarship recognizes students for their enthusiasm in their related skills/studies, for their extracurricular activities and for academic performance.
Why we're offering this Scholarship:
We aim to attract students that will graduate from Sir Sandford Fleming and Centennial College and have been awarded our scholarship to consider a future with Toromont CAT for internship as an Apprentice Heavy Equipment Technician.
In keeping with Toromont's values of equal opportunity, we hope to encourage women to be a part of this technology and industry.
As a future candidate for Toromont CAT, we want to ensure the scholarship recipients have the aptitude, capability and enthusiasm to perform the duties of a Heavy Equipment Technician.
One of our largest branches is located in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), and we're noticing a shortage of trades people in the urban centers. We aim to attract those students who live in the GTA, to choose a career path as a Heavy Equipment Technician.
We also want to make a difference in the lives of the award recipients by assisting them with the financial cost of post-secondary education. We hope that this award will enable them to focus on excelling in their studies and pursing a successful career with Toromont CAT.
Students awarded the scholarship will receive a total reward of $3,000
$1,500 is provided towards tuition for their 1st semester, and upon achieving an overall average of 75% or higher and successful completion of all courses in first term, $1,500 is provided towards the remainder of the program
The successful award recipients will be eligible to apply for a paid internship with Toromont CAT, in Concord, Ontario
To be eligible the student must be:
Registered in the Motive Power Techniques/Heavy Equipment Program full time for the entrance year in January at Sir Sandford Fleming College and in September at Centennial College
Eligible to work in Canada
Recent high school graduate in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and permanent residence is in the GTA
Achieve an overall average of 70% or higher in their final year of high school and to continue eligibility for remaining funds, obtain an overall average of 75% or higher throughtout the program
On graduation, would be willing to work for Toromont CAT based in Concord, Ontario and must be physically capable of performing the duties of a Heavy Equipment Technician
Toromont CAT is an equal opportunity employer and women are encouraged to apply
Selection Criteria:
The applicant must complete the "Reach Your Destination" Scholarship application form, meet all of the eligibility criteria and prepare a description about themselves on the application, in 250 words or less, to include:
Description of why they are interested in a career in Motive Power Techniques/Heavy Equipment
An outline of their community activities
Description of their extracurricular activities related to the program of Motive Power Techniques/Heavy Equipment
Description of how they have demonstrated mechanical aptitude ie. school projects, hobbies, part time jobs, volunteer work, or any activities utilizing these skills
Deadline for Application for January entrance will be accepted by November 30th for Sir Sandford Fleming College and June 30th for Centennial College, just prior to 1st semester registration. Final decisions on awards will be made during 1st semester
A "Win-Win" Relationship for Toromont CAT and Colleges
Toromont CAT has partnered with the Sir Sandford Fleming College Heavy Equipment Programs for over 20 years and have also now formed new alliances with Centenial College in an effort to align educational goals with required Job Skills in the field of heavy equipment. These partnerships ensures the students obtain the most current technical information being applied in the industry, and specifically at Toromont CAT, as well as ensures the College provides relevant hands-on training on CAT equipment.
Representatives from Toromont CAT and our manufacturer, Caterpillar, are members of the Curriculum Advisory Committee to provide the College with up to date information on technology used at CAT and to provide valuable input on skills and knowledge applied in the work environment.
About the Motive Power Technology/Heavy Equipment Programs:

Fleming College is sponsored by the Canadian Association of Equipment Distributors, and the Ontario Association of Equipment Distributors. The Association includes over 200 members in the heavy equipment industry.
The 12 month Motive Power Technology/Heavy Equipment Program consists of 3 semesters including a 4 month internship. Successful completion of all semesters are needed to graduate from the program. The program starts in January each year.
The course curriculum is designed with 60% hands-on learning and 40% theory.
All instructors of the Motive Power Techniques/Heavy Equipment program have previous industry experience.
On average, 93% or more, of Fleming's graduating students in the Motive Power Techniques/Heavy Equipment program find employment in their field.
Toromont has hired over 150 graduates from Sir Sandford Fleming College.
For more information or course registration contact:
Sir Sandford Fleming College:
P.O. Box 8000
Lindsay ON. K9V 5E6
Carmen T Moore - Co-ordinator - Heavy Equipment Programs
Phone: 1-866-353-6464 or 705-324-9144 ext.3212
Fax: 705-878-9333

Centennial College is the largest deliverer of Transportation programs in Ontario and has just received a new Ministry Funded Co-op Diploma Apprenticeship Program for Heavy Equipment Technicians.
Students will have eight months of practical, on-the-job Co-op training at a heavy equipment facility and complete their entire Ontario Apprenticeship in-school curriculum within 2 years.
To complete this program, students will spend the first 8 months in school, 8 months in Co-op as a registered apprentice and a final 8 months in school.
For more information or course registration contact:
Centennial College:
P.O. Box 631, Station A
Scarborough, ON, M1K 5E9
Phone: 416-289-5300
Branch Locations

Your Cat dealer in Ontario, Manitoba, Nunavut, Newfoundland and most of Labrador.

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Mining is a strong contributor to economic prosperity in Toromont CATís territories. Some 800 mining companies are active in the Toromont CAT territories and approxmiately 45 major mining projects in advanced exploration or feasibility stages. In 2010 Toromont CAT successfully delievered power systems for a 25 megawatt power plant and added large mining machines to the customerís existing fleet. There was nothing extraordinary about the order itself, but our support was identifiable.

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Submission Date:
Fleming College: November 30th
Centennial College: June 30th 

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3131 Hwy 7 West, PO Box 5511
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